Interview in Prosound 6/2019 with Mr. Yusuke Asada

Interviewer: Anything Goes, Limited Company, Hook-up Co., Ltd.


This spring, "reProducer Audio" landed in Japan, the CEO of United Minorities, is Attila Czirjak. It is a new speaker manufacturer established by Mr. "United-Minorities," based in Breisach, southwestern Germany, is a well-known producer of sound systems and audio designs for over 20 years. Proven, it's a big brand, reProducter Audio, and it's now in the West. The first product of "reProducter Audio" is called "Epic 5" and features an original 1-inch diameter tweeter and 5.25 in a unique form. In addition, it features a 6.25" diameter passive radiator on the bottom, ensuring a powerful low-frequency and dynamic range that you can't imagine from its compact size. All the original drivers used are made of aluminum, and are also very fast to transient response. So we decided to ask Yusuke Asada, a music producer who first introduced Epic 5 in his studio, about his ability.

Music producer Yusuke Asada.

Born in Tokyo in 1968. Artist from ‘For Life’ in 1995


Debuted and released 4 albums. After that as a music producer He worked on many artists including Chara, Crystal Kay, CHEMISTRY, Yuji Oda and Kimagren. In recent years

Planning and management of Ness × Hackathon and Entertech related events, with designer YUMA KOSHINO

The range of activities has been expanded by launching the music label "Blind Spot". JSPA Director, General Incorporated Association.


Recognizing the importance of Sub lows through collaborating with foreign writers.


PS : What has been used by the main speakers in this studio so far?


Yusuke Asada : I have used Dynaudio Acoustics BM6 for more than 10 years. There is also an "Eclipse TD-M1", but this has been around half a year. What I liked about “BM6” was that it was easier to record songs. Because the density of the midrange is high and the amount of information is large, the condition of the song is well understood. For example, you can not tell if the amount of information in the middle region is large, as there is a pitch shift or a sense of spread when four songs are overlapped. I think that the "Yamaha NS-10M" is a similar speaker as well, but rather than saying that the density in the mid-range is high, there are places that intentionally add squeeze and make it easier to see. It can be seen that the neighborhood of 1 to 2 kHz seems to pop out, which is peaking with EQ. My ears get tired if I'm working with a speaker for a long time. There was no such buzz in “BM6” and I was very satisfied with the amount of information.


PS : Why was ‘BM6” replaced this time?


Yusuke Asada : I was satisfied with "BM6", but I started collaborating with overseas artists, and I realized again the importance of Sub bass. I have been in this business for about 30 years now, but I think that some Japanese people are producers that make a loud sound. People are often said to be Western-oriented. However, an overseas writer who said a little while ago told me that the sound was "thin" (laughs). "I didn't have any lows in the track that you sent me in Para, kicking," he said, "Hmm, I'm thin and there's no low?" Oh. But if you feel calm and do not hear the loud sound in your own environment, it may be that there is something wrong with your own environment. So I came up with the conclusion that the existence of the Sub lows influences the thickness of the sound as a result of various thinking. That's why I started looking for new speakers.

PS :Is it not limited to dance music that Sub bass needs?


Yusuke Asada : It doesn't matter. Because Billy Irish, The Chains Mokers isn't dance music, but it has great low’s. The music from the other side is enjoyable, so country music still has low’s. It is understandable when you listen to Western and Japanese music side by side with Spotify or something. Because only Japanese music is extremely loud. Of course, I also understand that such jerky sound is a feature of J-POP, 

Even outside Japan, some people like the choppy sound of Japanese music, and it turns out that J-POP branding has been achieved. Perhaps I want to cut low because I want to earn sound pressure. But if you play Western and Japanese music in a single row in the playlist, that ‘shabbiness' will stand out. The young creators around me are beginning to notice that, and they all say, "If you don't give it a go, it's dangerous!" The reason why we started to notice the importance of Super Low is that the younger generation listens to music on their earphones.


Our generation still mixes and checks with the radio cassette player at the end, but now there are no young children listening to music with the radio cassette player. I listen to music in an environment where super low comes out with everyone's earphones. If you If you listen to western music and J-POP side by side at the earphone, I'm really surprised by the lack of a Japanese music low’s and the shabbiness.


PS: I started collaborating with an overseas writer and recognized that again.


Yusuke Asada : About the low’s, I started thinking about it about two years ago. It would be useless if you can not gain sound pressure while low is clearly visible. It is the worst if you insert a limiter on the master even though you can not see the low, and distortion occurs in the low range, If you insert “iZotope Ozone” or something is Easy, you will not notice that the low range has been distorted. Even though it was a tight super low, I always thought that it would be ideal for the master to have a solid sound pressure.


Epic 5 has a strong view of Sub low’s, and has enough mid-range resolution that is important for song recording.


PS: Please tell us what led to the introduction of the "reProducer Audio""Epic 5" as a new main speaker.


Yusuke Asada : I didn't know about "reProducer Audio" at all, but it was triggered by a request from a distributor saying, "Would you like to come to audition?" So I was interested, so I went with a couple of Uchi artists to audition in the demo room of the agency.

That's how i was able to hear it, and I was surprised at how loud it was, though it was compact. I thought this was a loud speaker. The relationship between the kick and the base is well understood, and the super low that was a concern can be confirmed. I thought that this would be great, as I thought that it would have to sound like a loud speaker from a manufacturer such as “Barefoot Sound” or “Musikelectronic Geithain”. Even if you do not emit much volume, you can see the low sound.


There are some speakers with low voices that are concerned about the highs, and some feel that they are out of balance, but the "Epic 5"has quite high quality. Since the resolution of the important mid-range in the song recording was sufficient, and I realized that the whole sound was realistic, I decided to buy it on the spot where I went to audition. Anyway, I think it's insane to be able to listen to the low as a reference with this size.


PS: What is the setting like?


Yusuke Asada : It is directly connected from "RME Fireface UFX" and put on "Platoform" of "Output". The volume is about 2 to 3 o'clock, and the EQ on the back is flat for both high and low frequencies. Because the sweet spot is not a very large speaker, I think it is better to set the installation position and angle carefully.


PS: You have been using it as a main speaker for several months, what are your frank impressions?


Yusuke Asada : I really see the low’s, so I think it's a great speaker. It has an aluminum passive radiator on the bottom, but I didn't really like passive radiators. I was worried that Low’s could have a bit of delay , for example, when I hit a four-stroke kick and bass at the same time, the kick attack will be noticeable and heard .... But this "Epic 5" does not feel that delay at all. This strange shape probably means that the arrival time to the low and middle high range ears is the same. The prejudice to the passive radiator that the low-pass sound can be heard was blown off.


PS: How about the resolution of middle and high range?


Yusuke Asada : It is a speaker with a considerable amount of information. You can see that changing the plug-in parameters by one hair and it is very good. There are a lot of speakers who do not understand such a slight difference. However, with “Epic 5”, the sound area changes depending on how you put on the comp, the sound gets dark, and you can see if it comes out in front of you. I can hear the change of the knob for one hair well. Even though this is a low end-speaking speaker, the fact that the resolution of the sound is high also makes it sound like a German-made speaker. Since I started using the "Epic 5", I have been using analog equipment considerably. We also use the clone of "Neve", which we did not like before. Since the Synth had always stood against the wall, I set “Prophet-5” after a long time. I realized again that low and mid low sound production is easier for analog equipment.


PS : I think that you have used a variety of speakers so far, is there something like "that sounds like Epic5”?


Yusuke Asada : Hmmm, well .... The feeling of low and the resolution are different, but the closest image i guess would be “KRK”. The sound of "KRK" will make me motivated when i write songs. I think there are many speakers that don't make you motivated even if the sound is good, but "Epic 5" is a sound that makes me feel like when I use it gets you excited when you are working (writing) on the songs.


PS:  How is the feeling of use when working (hearing) for a long time?


Yusuke Asada :I think that when I'm listening at a large volume for a long time, I'm going to get tired of it on any speakers, but with"Epic 5"I don't get tired at all even if I'm constantly working with a large volume.


PS : What do you like most about the low range?


Yusuke Asada : I agree Not only the super low comes out, but the phase of the low range is well understood. For example, in this song (I play Billy Irish's 'bury a friend'), the low range spreads to the left and right, but the kick is a thing, and the spread to the left and right is the base. I understand. If you don't understand this, it's dangerous, but I think there are many speakers who don't understand it in reality. I think that it is really useless if it is not a speaker that can clearly see what is happening at 40 Hz and 60 Hz now.


PS : how about the evaluation of “Epic 5 around you ?


Yusuke Asada : I think many people do not know the brand yet and have not heard it yet, but I have already let three people hear it in this studio. One of them ordered immediately. This speaker really has the power for people to buy it immediately. Because it is 150,000 yen per pair. I think that when you actually listen to the sound, you will be ordering on the spot.


PS : Thank you very much for your time today.


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