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Selection Guide

The large range of different sized Monitor-Speakers can be divided in different ways. The best, and mostly accepted, is to divide them on the basis of the listening distance. This may vary because of different reasons but mostly because of limitations of the room or the acoustical situation.


There is no fixed or recommended division in this categories. This is more based on practical experience for typical situations.


The Figure above shows the listening distance for different size of monitors. This is always a function of the room size.

The accuracy of the sound reproduction dos not correlate with size of the Monitors. Generally the only advantage of large Monitors is higher sound pressure (SPL), lower distortion at low frequencies and more extended low frequency range compared to the small ones. 

Below we summarize the general advantage and disadvantage of the two extreme sizes, Near-Field and Mean-Monitor-Speakers. The Mid-Field-Range can be a symbiosis or a compromise of the both extremes. This comparison is based on the acoustic properties only. But different concepts may not be represented fairly in this list!

Is highly recommended to determine the quality by product and not by size! 


Small Monitors


+ genuine Headphone like reproduction

+ better time alignment

+ better step-response

+ thin but accurate bass reproduction 

+ better for not optimized acoustical environment

+ better to take fast and right decisions for fast                      work flow 


- less volume

- less low end

- less impressive appearance

Large Monitors


+ high SPL

+ low bass Distortion

+ deeper Bass






- high interaction with the room

- the minimum listening distance is limited

- spectral spitted acoustical image 

As you can see, for a good job and high efficiency isn´t absolutely necessary to have an over sized Monitor-Speaker. Acoustical quality is more important than size.

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