Test in Studio Magazin

June 2019, by Fritz Fey





We are dealing here with a transparent listening tool in the best understood sense: neutral on the frequency plane with linear depths, discoloration-free mids and lofty heights, precise on the time plane, with fast transients and deep impulses, transparent spatiality and a stereo stage with clearly demarcated positions. The whole thing is packed in an exotic design with great feel and high-quality workmanship. The unit price of € 799,- including value added tax is exceptionally competitive, considering that you are dealing with a series product that bears the characteristics of a special development. ....

Franz Plasa, Home Studios Hamburg


Franz Plasa is the mastermind in the Home Studios in Hamburg with a very impressive discography over decades. He produces great well known Bands and Artists from the 80`like Carlos Santana, Scorpions, Depeche Mode, Nena but also current successful ones like Rammstein, OneRepublic, Macy Gray, 50 Cent. 

His choise is Epic-5.

Gareth Jones


One of the pioneers in modern music production like Depeche Mode, Erasure, Einstürzende Neubauten, Nick Cave etc. and also a pioneer in using modern digital equipment decide to use Epic-5. 



"These little monitors are sounding really sweet in my studio at Strongroom. Great imaging and some kind of “realistic” bass (I can hear the bass but not over-hyped or bloated.)"

Interview in Prosound 6/2019 with Mr. Yusuke Asada


"I think there are many speakers that don't make you motivated even if the sound is good, but "Epic 5" is a sound that makes me feel like when I use it gets you excited when you are working (writing) on the songs." ....


"I think that when I'm listening at a large volume for a long time, I'm going to get tired of it on any speakers, but with"Epic 5"I don't get tired at all even if I'm constantly working with a large volume."


Test in Professional Audio

May 2019 by Denis Sauerborn



" Pure joy of performing"


He looks attractive and high-quality, the small near field studio monitor from reProducer Audio. The South German manufacturer is new to the market and is starting in the shape of the reProducer Epic-5 with its first product. The two-way active monitor was able to inspire in our test and sounded much larger than it is - but above all: sauschnell (sow-fast).

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What Suzuki DAICHI Hideyuki says about REPRODUCER-AUDIO EPIC-5

Sound Designer 2019 March issue


Epic-5, Monitor speaker from reProducer Audio


Unexpected sound quality from compact size with exotic 8 sides outer design monitor landed in Japan.


Founded in 2015, the new design of Nearfield monitor speaker Epic 5 was released by emerging German brand reProducer Audio. I asked Hideyuki Suzuki (Daichi), a music producer, songwriter, and engineer, to hear Epic 5. As a result, we found a high possibility of exceeding the size and price range.

It's small, but it's enough low-end thanks to the passive radiator....


Epic 5 introduced in Sound & Recording 2019 April issue

Nearfield Power Monitor with Passive Radiator


“The reProducer Audio Epic 5 is designed as a studio monitor speaker that needs to help you make appropriate and quick decisions. Therefore, we designed them with special care for the qualities we need: flat and wide frequency characteristics, fast responses, wide and natural dynamic range, low noise, low distortion, and so on.”

As you can see from the unique exterior, such as the back-down design and the passive radiator on the underside, the stubbornness to sound is an interesting product.... 

Home studio monitor selecting guidelines by Alan J.S. Han

Tips and Experiences


If I were to focus on recording, I would choose a microphone. There are many other important factors, such as the preamplifier, the converter, the console and so on, but the most important thing for sound is the microphone.

So, what is the most important thing for composers, producers, and mix engineers?

I think the last speaker in the signal chain that turns electrical signals into acoustic energy is the most important factor.

There are so many speakers in this world, brand and type. What's the right speaker for me and how do I choose the speaker?

There's no answer to this question, and we're not going to be able to give you a textbook answer but I’am still going to share my personal choice of speakers, and talk about my latest purchase....


reProducer audio labs






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